A Agência de Desenvolvimento Local NovAlmadaVelha é uma associação de direito privado sem fins lucrativos que reúne o contributo de diversas entidades, públicas e privadas, locais e setoriais, visando o desenvolvimento de projetos de promoção e de dinamização do tecido socio-cultural e empresarial do território.

Rua da Judiaria, nº 14,
2800-125 ALMADA 
T:.+351 212736380

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Novalmadavelha - Local Development Agency

about us

Since 2001, Novalmadavelha works with local institutions which realise a shared vision of Almada community, connecting ideas and expertise that enables local people to shape a distinctive and better future for their city. It aims to stimulate and support initiatives, projects and actions for the benefit of the integrated and sustainable City development.

Working on a partnership basis, the Agency wants to become a compelling voice around Almada, helping to provide local solutions that could raise standards of the traditional commerce and diversify the local economic tissue.

We focus our activities on the following areas: Cultural and Natural Patrimony, Tourism and Recreation, Urban Events, Professional Training and Employment, Promotion and Marketing.

our governance

We are a non-profit company. Our governance reflects a range of important interests for local government and development that ensures resources which allow attaining the assumed purposes.

our partners

City Council of Almada  /  Local Government - Almada, Cacilhas and Pragal  /  Commerce and Services Association- District of Setúbal / Cristo-Rei National Sanctuary  / Science and Technology Academy – Nova University of Lisbon  /  S. Paulos’ Seminary

our projects

Business Incubators Núcleo Empresarial de Almada Velha and Quarteirão das Artes

These equipments were established to aid and support small businesses, focus on cultural and tourism services and creative industries. The objective is to diversify local economic basis and it’s achieved by:

  • providing subjects with a place to start their activities;
  • offering preferential rates in comparison to market rates;
  • providing services in the field of legal aid, economic information, advertising, promotion and marketing;
  • providing administrative services (offices);
  • organising training sessions on modern technologies, business organisation and management, business marketing and finances, obligatory insurance, labour code, legal basis of economic activities ;

Almada Digital

The almadadigital Portal has been online since 2005. In 2009 the second stage of almadadigital entered the virtual world, with improved functionalities and content. The interaction and direct participation of the public is encouraged by making a directory available with online services (ticket-office, job bank, service guide, shops), voting, surveys, posting of content for the agenda, news and publications and subscriptions to the newsletter. To facilitate searching and making services available we tried to link the almadadigital Portal to the Almada Municipality websites (Câmara Municipal de Almada, Ambiente, Bibliotecas, Cidade Educadora, Casa da Cerca - Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Juventude, Museus) through a common registration.

how to find us
 Cristo-Rei e Ponte 25Abril

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Novalmadavelha - Local Development Agency
Núcleo Empresarial de Almada Velha
Rua da Judiaria 14
T: 351-212 736 380 F: 351-212 736 381